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Flashlight 2013

"I (George Clinton) want to be known as the man who brought to the attention of America the copyright issues. That's what I would like my legacy to be, to have turned people on to the fact that they need to fight for their rights to their music.
You have to fight a lot of people for your music. You have to fight the copyright companies, like BMI. You have to fight the record companies because they really want to take it all. Right now, it's time for people to start getting their music backback. From about 1978 to 2013, the first thirty-five years, is the time frame from which you're allowed to get your music back. In 2013, this will be the first time a lot of people are going to get their music back and I'm going to help them!

WE WILL WIN! "  - "woof"
15, 2012 

Funkadelic’s George Clinton on Shake the Gate, Recording With Kendrick Lamar
Funkadelic’s George Clinton on WMC 2015 and the Funk in Techno

Funk Legend George Clinton Wins Latest Battle With IP Firm By Matthew Bultman - Law360
(February 11, 2015, 7:33 PM ET) -- A California federal judge has ordered George Clinton’s former attorneys at the intellectual property law firm Hendricks & Lewis PLLC to provide the funk music pioneer with an accounting of all money made from the masters of several of his albums since the settlement of a long-closed copyright lawsuit.

The Parliament-Funkadelic front man, who has been duking it out with Hendricks & Lewis for years, in December claimed that the firm had “subverted” the terms of the settlement agreement from a case against his former bandmates...


is a grass-roots movement for copyright Justice!

Our aim is to shine the light on "mis-appropriated copyrights" for professional musicians, songwriters, artists and the heirs of those that have passed away. is the mechanism for musicians, songwriters and artists of the past, the present, and the future to finally have their voices heard!

Our two requests are:

1.   ​The ability to easily reclaim our property which has been "mis-appropriated".

2.  The initiation of a whistle-blower investigation into what we believe is to "ongoing, systematic fraud on the U.S. Copyright Office by record executives and their lawyers and accountants."

We ask again, those we have repeatedly requested help from,... to simply do their job and investigate this potentially multi-billion dollar fraud against musicians and their families.

We have contacted the following, within the past 2 years, multiple times:

* U.S. Dept. of Justice - Criminal Division
300 397 123
* Inspector General -
Library of Congress

* United Nations Human - Rights Commission in Geneva (where the Peterer deposition was taken)
* California Attorney General Kamala Harris
* U.S. Congress:  multiple committees, multiple times
* President Barack Obama: more than once.

Since before 2013, George Clinton and others have been begging for copyright Justice!  ... and now is the time we help them.  


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